March 10, 2010

War Museums Provide a Bird's eye view of military history!

Photos By Paul Kandarian/For The Boston Globe) published online on Boston Globe

Whenever I visit a new place I make it a point to visit the local war memorials and military museums. I am drawn to these places for several reasons the biggest of which is that I am always awed by these brave men and women who take up arms to protect their nation and their people. Perhaps the second reason is to look at and learn about the myriad machines and tools of war which are used by these fighters.

Though it has been long since I visited a museum or memorial I have been reading about them in travel columns of newspapers/ online portals, etc. The latest article I read is one titled Newport, R.I., trove of naval and war history - The Boston Globe. This article details hos a museum with non-interactive and modern glitzy exhibits can still provide an educative and entertaining experience to visitors. The best thing about this museum is that it is free, the only catch is that one has to give a 24-hr notice to the authorities so they will do relevant background checks before letting you in.

I am glad I read this article, now I know what to look forward to visiting, if at all I travel to Newport, Rhode Island.

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