May 26, 2008

Views of Talimina Scenic Drive in Oklahoma

It was long weekend and we decided to head out into the open and take in some part of neighboring states of Oklahoma and Arkansas. During the two day drive, hike, camp and swimming outing we were able to take in a tiny part of both the states. Here are few basic pictures... more to come soon. Tomorrow I have an exam so I am not able to blog completely about what I saw. Will be updating the blog with detailed stories and lots of pictures in the next couple of days. For now enjoy the sneak preview.

Starting point of Talimena scenic drive and national park

These roads are too scenic and seem to stretch endlessly in to the world

Strategically placed signage help visitors find places easily

Vast and beautiful Cedar Lake

Thick forests and hiking trails around Cedar Lake

Sun bathing groups on the banks of Cedar Lake

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