December 18, 2012

Healthcare Information from Blue Shield of California

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I lead a busy life between my two jobs, school obligations, and commuting to work my schedule is pretty full. From time to time I get these questions about healthcare and I don't know where to go for answers. Asking my primary care doctor is an option but there is simply no time to set up an appointment and meet with him just to ask questions. Moreover every doctors appointment costs money.

I just found out about Blueshield of California's new initiative on the internet. They have launched a great new facebook page in which Dr. Jim and his sidekick Bob. Their main role is to educate people about common health problems in a way that everyone can understand and through videos. Everybody likes a good laugh and to watch videos, well here is a combination of both and the bonus is these videos are highly educational. There are number of videos that provide Dr. Jim and Bob's Fun & Helpful Health Advice for all.

There are videos about preventing  and caring for common problems such as constipation, sun burns, insomnia, lactose intolerance, among others. I found the video on heartburn very interesting because I am someone who suffers from this problem often. From the video I learned about subtle lifestyle changes I can do to get rid of the problem. One thing common about all the videos is that they are all funny and make you laugh. I liked the one on constipation particularly funny.

PhotobucketI am highly appreciative of Blue Shield of California for having created this online resource. One thing that make me wonder about this company in modern days is that they are a not for profit organization and their plans grant easy access to alternative healthcare professionals such as chiropractors, acupuncturists, etc. Most doctors accept plans from Blue Shield of California. The best part is their plans are extremely affordable.

The first thing I will do with this information is to let my family know and visit Dr. Jim and Bob's facebook page and watch the videos. Then we can make a decision about switching to Blue Shield when the opportunity arises. Here are couple of videos for you to watch and enjoy.

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