March 9, 2010

Desirable Time Machines

The old fashioned way of keeping track of time is passe. Modern day young people prefer to use their cellphones to keep track of time. Gone are the days when homes and offices were adorned with stately wall clocks that chimed hourly announcing the passage of time.

It is ironical that modern day electronically powered wall clocks are replacing the original stately wall clocks. This is happening not only in homes but in schools, government buildings, and public places too. I have seen the most elegant wall clocks in public places like the railway station etc.

As a child I remember waiting for the Ridgeway Fallbrook wall clock at my grandparents home to clang every hour. It is an irony that these stately clocks are making way for electronic clocks without any character. One feature I love about the old time wall clocks is their elegance. The room had a special glow thanks to the presence of the clock.

Personally speaking I would love to have an elegant vintage style wall clock in couple of places in the house. One in the formal living room, another in the bedroom and one more in the dining room. Each with its own unique ring and design will add a distinct character to the home.

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