March 10, 2010

Better Sight with Affordable Eyeglasses

Everybody has five senses: sight, smell, taste, touch, and hearing. These senses help us live a complete life, if any one of the senses fail then the quality of life goes down. With the advent of modern technologies the most affect of these senses is the sight. Most of us work on computers, watch TV, face the harsh glare of spotlights, etc. It is common for people to be wearing eyeglasses either as protective aids or as prosthetic devices.

Over the years eyeglasses have moved from being devices used to enhance sight to fashion accessories. This has led corporations to get involved and as a result the price of eyeglasses has shot up dramatically. With such high prices people sometimes hesitate to buy new glasses when their old ones break, or put off buying their first pair. In this dark scenario there is hope, Zenni Optical is one company which combines the most modern material, manufacturing technology and marketing approach to provide eyeglasses at extremely affordable prices. Some of their models even start at just $8 a piece. For example I have posted a picture of one of their $8 eyeglasses.

How is this possible? Well it is rather simple, Zenni sells their products direct from factory to the consumer, thus reducing overheads such as middlemen, advertising, etc. Most of their sales are achieved through word of mouth from satisfied customers. I recently read this article, that compares Zenni with other popular brands of eyeglasses. After reading the article it is clear that buying eyeglasses from Zenni is a sound decision.

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