March 25, 2010

Beautiful Wild Flowers!!!

Wild Flowers in Oklahoma
I captured this image of a cluster of beautiful white flowers beside the highway while driving in Oklahoma last year. It was spring time and there was beauty everywhere, lush green forested slopes, grasslands, colorful flowers, buzzing bees and chirping birds were everywhere. I got completely lost in the beauty of nature that we can enjoy in almost every part of the world. Some parts are peaceful and prosperous that it lets humans take it easy and enjoy these things, while other regions of the world are not so peaceful.

Earth has blessed us humans and other inhabitants with innumerable gifts that can be shared and enjoyed by the entire population. Some of us are satisfied with bare minimum while others are greedy for everything. This greed of few humans has been the bane of our life and has threatened the very existence of life on earth. And unfortunately, the number of greedy people is increasing exponentially, so I wonder what the future would be like. Or if there is any future at all for the human race.

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