March 24, 2010

Secure Remote Networking Software

I feel that one of the most time saving applications to have been created is the secure remote desktop connection software. There are many products that help widespread business groups, technology conglomerates, global technical teams to share their desktops to accomplish trouble shooting, training, conferencing, communication, etc.

Recently I came across a new Remote PC Access Software which has the highest security in its class: this software offers 256-bit encryption. This software allows users working on one computer to gain access or control another desktop via the internet. This is widely used for troubleshooting, remote file and data access, and also for collaborating with a global work team.

What is so different about this software when compared with those already in the market? The unique feature of PROXY Pro 7 is that it is a totally business-oriented with a strong emphasis on security and functionality. One can be assured that when they are sharing desktops hackers can't get into their networks and steal data.

The feature that most impressed me is its wonderful Screen Recording Edition. This edition of Proxy Pro 7 includes the capability for simultaneous capture of screen displays of a number of PCs in the network. I feel that this is an important feature because this will help customers, team members and partners to synchronize screen captures with audio recordings and integrate them.

This would be a great tool for call centers, BPO organizations and other back office organizations. This software would help manage the quality of their processes and emerge as leader of the industry.

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