February 10, 2010

Ugly Graffiti Defacing Public Spaces

One thing I hate is when people start writing graffiti and defacing walls, rocks, trees, and other surfaces in public places such as parks, gardens, forests, mountains, etc. Back in India when I saw graffiti I would get disturbed and wonder if it was because people were not aware of their heritage or if it was because of lack of strict law enforcement practices.
I surely didn't expect to see graffiti in the US for several reasons: wealth, relative prosperity, educational accomplishment, stringent law enforcement, fines, etc. I was taken by surprise when I first saw graffiti here and during the past 30 odd months I have lived here I have seen several places marred by graffiti.
One thing is sure... people are the same be it in India or in the US. Given a chance humans will etch their names, graffiti, on any surface available. There are pictures of graffiti on rocks in the Lake Cliff Park, south of Dallas, TX.

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