February 10, 2010

Interior Design with Live Corals

One of the most common ways of enhancing the beauty of an indoor space is by installing an aquarium full of colorful fish, plants, and other exotic aquatic life. According to Chinese traditions having an aquarium with fish in a particular location brings prosperity and happiness to the owner/ occupant of the building. I recently came across an aquarium with awe inspiring live coral of various hues. These rare and exotic aquatic creatures enhanced the ambiance of the entire space.

The visit to that space proved to be a great life changing experience for me. As I watched these beautiful creatures of the sea I wondered about the wonders of nature. Something that most people have begun to take for granted. Corals are rare exotic species and need to be protected. It is not like one species is of greater importance than the other. Every life form on earth has a particular duty to perform and its absence will impact a variety of processes.

I realized that the managers of this space were actually doing a public service by keeping the live corals in the aquarium. It served to create awareness about the wonders of the world, educate people about rare species of corals, and provide a pleasant ambiance to visitors and employees alike. Thoughtful indeed. I will think of doing something similar in the future.

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