February 9, 2010

Making Outdoors Comfortable

If one has to be happy living in the panhandle plains of Texas a taste of outdoors is essential. There is nothing much else to do in the plains except to spend time in the backyard enjoying the sunny climes and barbecue. To make outdoor spaces comfortable and worthy of spending loads of time there has to be great outdoor furniture. Since I live in an apartment there isn't much of a backyard or personal open space. Of course there are some wonderfully maintained public open spaces that are open for all the residents.

It is here that everyone has their barbecue parties, poolside parties, and summer cook outs. The poolside place is something I really like for two reasons. The first of course I love water and there is nothing more rejuvenating than a cool dip in the pool. The second is the fantastic wicker furniture in the sitting area of the pool. This is where we can sit and relax after few hours in the cool refreshing waters while the sun beats down in all fury during the Texas summer months.

Another place where I love the outdoor furniture seating is at my best buddy's place. His poolside furniture is simply awesome, both in terms of style and comfort. I look forward to this coming summer when I can enjoy partying at this place.

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