October 15, 2009

Make Your Bathroom Come Alive!!!

Often while decorating or renovating our homes we tend to give little importance to the bathroom. One of the reasons cited is that because we spend so little time in the bathroom we don't need to invest so much in it. I don't quite agree with this. The first place we visit in the morning is the bathroom and the last place we visit before going to bed is the bathroom. Hence I believe that bathrooms should be given the same importance as other rooms in the house when it comes to decorating it or renovating it. The first step in this direction could be the installation of an elegant Bathroom Vanity.

Once you do that I am pretty sure the time spent in the bathroom will be more pleasurable and absorbing. I recently came across this fantastic online store which featured some amazing Traditional Bathroom Vanities. There are over 75 designs available and each of them uniquely different but all of which will add a distinctive character to your bathroom.

My favorite bathroom upgrade would be to install a Teak Vanity. Since several centuries teak wood is known for its endurance, elegance and durability. A teak vanity will be elegant, add glamor and an earthy feel to the bathroom. Moreover the online store will ship some models free to your location. The free shipping itself is an incentive to install an earthy teak vanity in your bathroom.

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