October 15, 2009

Vistas of Waterside Weekend Getaways - V

The more I dig into my travel pictures the more waterside pictures I come up with. It is simply amazing to see how many water systems have been constructed, maintained, or preserved even as the cities in US become larger and the villages make way for residential communities and towns. For a year and a half we lived in Carrollton, Tx in an apartment which was set on the banks of a dried up creek. Water flowed probably once a year in the creek when it rained really hard. Nevertheless the creek was maintained as a wooded green belt area by the city and served as a buffer zone for urban wildlife to sustain. On good days I saw rabbits, racoons, and the elusive opossum darting about in the creek. Of course there were a number of birds, rodents, and other creatures which are not of a big consequence. Here are some water front pictures of Carrollton, Tx.

The boat pier at the Keller Springs Lake

Keller Springs Lake

Goose proudly posing on the banks of Keller Springs lake, Carrollton

The fish stocking pond in the Arbor hills nature preserve

Anther view of the fish stocking pond in the Arbor hills nature preserve

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