June 26, 2009

Tower in Grand Canyon

Grand Canyon 060, originally uploaded by srinidhilv.

This is another "Historical Monument" sited on the far end of South Rim of Grand Canyon. Once again in my visit to Grand Canyon I was fooled into believing that this was an ancient "Native American" monument.

The truth is that this is a very very recent "Watch Tower" built in 1930. The tower is about 30-35 ft tall and has three floors (4 in American terms) and each floor is dedicated to the memory of a one of the several massacred "Native American" Tribes.

The first floor (ground) has a Hopi Room, with a Kiva Roof and the second and third floors (1st and 2nd) are an amalgamation of various replicas from numerous Native American ruins found across Arizona. The fourth floor (third) is the highest point along the South Rim of the Grand Canyon and provides an awesome view of the Colorado River flowing deep inside the canyon.

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