June 26, 2009

Learn new skills to enhance job prosepcts!!!

Since the economic downturn started couple of years ago the job market has been affected and unemployment rates are soaring to new heights every quarter. Several hundred thousand people have been laid off and are looking for jobs. In this kind of situation it is important to be equipped with the right skills to land and hold a job.

Lot of senior executives who got laid off in the past 12 months are finding it extremely difficult to land jobs. The main reason for this is that though these people are educated and experienced, they do not possess the right skills for modern jobs. For example most older generation people are unaware of modern computer technologies, social networking, interactive marketing, etc. These people would naturally find it difficult to find jobs in the modern marketplace.

The only way to jump start a flagging career is by getting back into the learning groove and acquire new skills. A good way to start this process is to resort to elearning, where you can learn at your convenience and become "Job Ready" in no time.

I came across this new website Learn.com which is pioneering the effort to impart skills training to make people ready for the job market. The online portal offers numerous courses to improve computer skills, business skills, interpersonal skills, among others. You don't need to be in transition or between jobs to opt for their services. Even as we speak Learn.com has over 50 million end users worldwide. They offer employee training solutions and automation of pre-hire and retire lifecycle of any organization.

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mela said...

i totally agree- one must never stop learning to keep up with the times, and always be competitive.