November 21, 2012

Happy Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving postcard circa 1900 showing a tur...
Thanksgiving postcard circa 1900 showing a turkey and football player. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
Thanksgiving is an American festival that is celebrated to appreciate the gifts of life. The legend is that when the first pilgrims landed here Native Americans shared their food with them and the new immigrants were very thankful and thus began the tradition. Fast forward 400 odd years a lot has changed except eating Turkey on Thanksgiving. Families get together and eat a feast of a meal on this day.

Anyway today Americans complain that the world is not enough for them and I have come across very few who are genuinely thankful for what they have. People don't take as much time to say thanks for their gifts as they do to complain about their bad luck. That includes me.

Lastly I definitely wouldn't say that the Turkeys are thankful for anything. They are bound to end up on someone's table dead, roasted, and seasoned.
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