May 11, 2012

Bishops Palace, Galveston, TX

The Bishop's Palace in Galveston, TX is a unique piece of architecture. Built entirely of stone this building has some unique architectural features. For example the floral details on the third storey, the turret with conical roof tile from Baltimore, the low relief carving over the arched windows in the second storey, etc are some of the interesting features. The entrance gate is flanked by two statues of winged lions built of concrete. There is also the motif of a lion face on the main wall of the palace.

Here are some pictures of the architectural details of the palace, along with one picture of the entire palace.

Facade of Bishop's Palace, Galveston

Arched Windows of the Bishop's Palace, Galveston

Winged Lions at the entrance of the Bishop's Palace, Galveston, TX

The Turret, Conical Roof Tile from Baltimore in the Bishop's Palace, Galveston

The Lion Face motif in Bishop's Palace, Galveston

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