November 10, 2011

380 Green Belt Park

America is a land of contrasts. On one side there are super highways where people zoom at speeds exceeding 100 miles per hour and on the other side there are hundreds of thousands of acres of wild forest area with no human habitation for miles around. There are teeming cities which host lush green forests within their limits. This has been possible for several reasons. The low population and vast land area of this country has enabled the makers of modern America to create the country of their preference. Recently I visited this park sited next to the highway that links two large cities. This stretch has been marked off as the green belt and hence no development of any sort has taken place. This is a green area dedicated for nature and people to enjoy the same. There is a equestrian trail for those who love their horses and want to ride them not too far from the city and then there are walking, hiking and bicycling trails. The trail is flanked by thick forest of tall ancient trees which makes it an ideal place to visit during late summer and early fall. Here are some pictures.

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