October 30, 2011

Modern Eye Wear revolutionizing fashion in America

Beauty and youth are valued the most in American culture. People spend hours in Gym, thousands of $s on treatments, supplements, and even surgical procedures in order to attain the perfect look and get a well toned body. It is not surprising that the favorite American pastime is shopping - for clothes, accessories, shoes, cosmetics, etc. Though the past few years of economic downturn has taken a toll on people's shopping habits. It is imperative that innovation also is the buzzword of American Business. In order to enable people to buy what they want creative business houses such as Zenni Opticals are still able to offer cheap eyeglasses for discerning shoppers. I had earlier heard about them and had wondered how it is possible. On closer examination of the processes and business model of Zenni Opticals I now understand their modus operandi. There is no quality compromise with Zenni, they use the most modern raw materials, manufacturing and marketing systems and still offer the consumer value. That is by selling direct to customer without any middlemen. The product is sold and shipped direct from the factory to the consumer. The savings in overhead is passed on to the consumer who benefits from being able to buy cheap eyeglasses. Zenni understands that eyeglasses are as much part of fashion as is a stylish dress or shoes. It is important that people can afford to buy eyeglasses to match their style. When it comes to prescription eyeglasses, it is not only a fashion accessory, it is also a health necessity for the wearer. I am glad that Zenni has taken it upon itself to provide affordable eye glasses to consumers and make a change in the American fashion scene.

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