September 26, 2011

McKinney, Texas - Nature Friendly City

Waterfowl on half-frozen lake, McKinney, Texas...Image by gurdonark via FlickrMcKinney, Texas is a small city both in terms of geographic area and population. I moved here to be closer to classes and since then I have begun to discover small joys of this city. I have noticed that this is one of the most eco-friendly cities I have been in. There are a number of outdoor spaces such as wooded parks, trails, playing fields, lakes and creeks for the benefit of visitors.

I simply enjoy going for evening walks on the 1.2 mile trail that circumambulates the McKinney Town Lake. Of course there is the small wooded area with its own nature trail besides the lake. The meditation garden sited amidst the woods where the Wilson creek and Comegys creek meet is one calm place right next to the I-75. I'd say this is one of my favorite places in this city.

 The McKinney Town Lake is full of birds and every evening it is quite a sight to watch them come out of water on the trails waiting for people to come by and feed them. On days when not many visitors come and feed the birds stop anyone and everyone walking the trail with the hungry expression in their eyes and demand in their beaks.

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