October 11, 2010

Street views in and around Dallas

For a long time in the past few weeks I have attempted to be more regular at updating my blogs. But, life happens and then here I'm trying to post some images onto my blog. These images were shot when I was travel from school to home or when I go to work and of course on errands like grocery shopping, paying bills, etc. These images reveal the essence of what I call the American way.

These pictures taken on the road depict commercials, clouds, accidents, etc.

This is an accident scene off highway 635 when an 18 wheeler had hurtled off the road. I wonder what the driver trying to do with this huge vehicle when this happened.

Advertising billboard of an upcoming hospital in McKinney, Texas. I would like be curious to know how they will work when they finally build the hospital and start functioning.

Shaky picture of a hazy morning shot through the windshield of the car.

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