October 4, 2010

Jogger Killed in Accident

I first heard about this news from a friend of mine and was rendered breathless. The video is a news report about a woman who was hit by a bicycle as she was jogging in a famous hiking, walking, bicycling trail in Dallas. She succombed to her injuries. This extremely saddening incident has revealed yet another weak underbelly of the mighty American infrastructure. There is such good facilities for sports and people here love to look and feel young so everyone is out there on the trails and in the parks trying to keep fit and look young. When this happens even in sparsely populated America it is difficult to keep trails from getting crowded. Unfortunately this kind of incidents take place when people get so focussed on fitness, that they forget even basic necessities of safety and mutual respect to each other. The debate of runners vs bikers is on once again....

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