April 9, 2010

Webhosting extends beyond Websites and Portals!!!

I have been conversant with internet and email since over the past decade. My job has required me to design and modify websites, communicate using email, upload and download files, finding pictures, etc. During this experience I have com to understand that web hosting doesn't stop at websites but extends to a whole gamut of things.

For example a good web hosting service sometimes doesn't have an equally good email host and this makes the service unpopular among users. Reliable website hosting is important to showcase our business/ products/ services to existing and potential clients. Reliable email service is another vital necessity to communicate within the organization, with consumers, suppliers, and other service providers.

Hence opting for the service of a great email host is as important as finding a reliable website hosting company. One of the best ways to find a reliable web/ email hosting service provider is by user reviews and expert opinions. There are websites that periodically release lists of the best email hosts. This would be the result of user polls and mostly accurate. While looking for reliable email host I would forgo reading reams of marketing material for just a few pages of user reviews. Because reader reviews are the experiences of the end users and not someone who is trying to sell their company's products.

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