April 9, 2010

Bridges that Link Places - 1

Life on earth has come a long way since the first human being walked on the planet. Human beings have been able to link land masses divided by natural obstructions such as rivers, lakes, canyons, valleys, etc by building bridges. These vital links have been used by governments and corporations as revenue generation tools. Armies have used the bridges as means of control by destroying vital links and cutting off the land area from outside world. It is interesting to note the different kinds, purposes, and varieties of bridges that are used by people across the world. In my limited travel experience I have shot some pictures of bridges and here they are for your viewing pleasure.
Arbor Hills Nature Preserve Hiking Trail

A Bridge built for hikers/ walkers to walk through the forest across a deep creek

A Bridge built for walkers and motorists in touristy San Antonio. This is the first bridge I have seen with a traffic signal... technology changes things...

I will continue with more pictures of bridges in the following posts...

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