March 3, 2010

Vision Enhancement and Beautification

One of the most important sense organs in the human body is the eye. It is amazing how the creator has made the human eye that can perceive millions of colors, recognize people, places and things, read, etc. While nature/ god/ creator has made this fantastic body, humans have innovated and used other natural material to create gadgets to enhance the functions of some parts of the body that get worn out due to overuse, abuse or trauma.

The simplest and perhaps most effective gadget would be the ubiquitous eyeglasses. Initially eyeglasses were made primarily to enhance sight but over the years it has evolved to become style statements also. People who have vision problems wear eyeglasses but even those who don't have any issue with their eyes prefer to wear spectacles to enhance their appearance. Some wear sunglasses to protect their eyes from the harsh light of the sun. Few celebrities have used sunglasses not only to enhance their appearance but also to create style trends across the country.

Earlier eyeglasses were mainly associated with people who are always reading and not participating in any sporting or outdoor activities. People wearing glasses were ridiculed as geeks but now things have changed, even the macho enthusiast wants to sport a classy pair of eyeglasses.

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