March 3, 2010

Mind-blowing Mini Motorcycle Stunt

Extreme sports has always fascinated me, be it performed with sheer manpower or using machines, the feat is indeed unique and quite dangerous. Sometimes thrill seekers even court death while performing stunts, few live on to tell stories of their death-defying experiences.

Quite by accident I came across the above video of some pocket bike enthusiasts. These motorcycles are miniature machines built to spec and run like real ones. Full size adults ride these for fun and recreation and some perform dangerous and adrenaline pumping stunts such as the one in the video.

Couple of things in the video completely amaze me, the power of the small motorcycle that can carry its rider and itself at such great speeds to achieve this stunt. Then of course the courage of the rider who is not wearing lot of protective gear but seems to casually performing the stunt as if it is a daily affair.

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