February 17, 2010

Looking forward to the summer!!!

When you live in a place like Texas which experiences extreme weather conditions throughout the year it is best to enjoy the seasons as much as possible. For instance the summers here are hot and sunny while the winters get cold and cloudy. During summer everyone gets outdoors and enjoys the lush green landscapes, azure lakes, bicycling, running, barbecue and a host of other activities. Come winter indoor activities, partying, concerts, dining out, movies, etc take priority.

A favorite summer activity is barbecue and pool parties. Last summer my friend invited me to his home along with friends to hang out in the pool and enjoy the weekend. When we went there the first thing I noticed was the beautiful outdoor furniture that was set up by the poolside. Elegant and comfortable chairs and yet durable for they had weathered two summers already and still looked and felt brand new.

The whole afternoon we spent in the cool waters of the pool, playing volleyball, and eating. Later as the sun went down and the day cooled off to give way to evening we sat down in the patio enjoying pleasant conversation. Here again the outdoor patio furniture was simply magnificent. When I get a home with a pool/ backyard, I would love to have furniture like this to enhance the outdoor spaces beauty.

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