January 24, 2010

Safeguarding gems and jewelry with insurance

An integral part of life in the US is the necessity of insurance for almost all aspects of life. One has to have health, automobile, home, renters, life, and all other kinds of insurance, one for each part of our life. Jewelry and stones are very popular among women and few men also. I recently saw a coral for sale and decided to invest in the precious stone.

An investment in precious stone such as when you buy coral needs to be backed up by a solid insurance policy to protect against any eventuality. It was in this connection that I contacted an insurance agent to know my options about insuring the WYSIWYG coral I had bought.

I was surprised by the courtesy and speed with which the agent responded to my query. We completed the insurance buying process within couple of meetings. Since then he has been available for consultation, doubt clarification, etc. I never expected insurance buying to be a such a seamless and easy process. Whatever I had heard about insurance agents as hawks waiting to attack and devour gullible consumers was proved wrong. My friends tell me this is freak incident and an exception. But I believe that this is one of the several insurance agents who are doing great work and their tribe should increase.

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