January 24, 2010

Revisiting Texas Sculpture Garden

Today I revisited the Texas Sculpture Garden in Frisco. After a long spell of gloomy weather, DFW metro area finally got a day of bright sunshine, thankfully without the cold wind blowing in. During the second visit we took some of our friends and family to show them the work of local artists. I am a person who will not miss an opportunity to visit an art gallery, museum or view any work of art. When the art work is installed at a eco-friendly natural setting and is freely accessible by all I wouldn't miss an opportunity at all.
On a parting thought I wish we could create a similar open space for art and environment in the bustling, crowded, over-populated Indian cities. It would definitely possible if people's attitudes are changed and a taste for open space and art is developed.Installation at Texas Sculpture Garden, Frisco
Exhibit at Texas Sculpture Garden, Frisco Texas Sculpture Garden

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