December 22, 2009

Drug Abuse and Recovery

One of the biggest problems facing developed nations like the US is rampant abuse of drugs. These narcotics are smuggled mostly from Mexico and sold on the streets in all cities in the US. Even in small towns there are 3-4 cases reported every week. Several non-profit organizations are working hard to convince abusers to opt for drug treatment so that they will be able to lead a normal, productive life.
This is easier said than done, first of all many of these people don't want to opt into addiction recovery programs. It takes lot of convincing and hard work on the part of social workers, volunteers, teachers, families, and sometimes law enforcement agencies to make drug abusers agree for treatment.
Another equally serious problem is addiction to alcohol which has in the past led to murders, and other crimes. There are new programs in alcohol rehabilitation for people who are hopelessly addicted. This program helps them get sober and remain so for a long time, hopefully for life.

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