July 26, 2009

Weston, a remote village in Texas

Yesterday we had been driving around in Collin County to scout an ideal route for a bicycle ride/ rally. We passed through a small 2-4 road city known as "Weston", which apparently has the oldest city hall in Collin County. Here are pictures of the same. Though most roads of this village are in shambles, the main arterial road which links this with rest of the county is in excellent condition.

Weston City Hall, the oldest in Collin County

Excellent roads link every small city, even if it just a few hundred population

Like every other village, city or town, Weston too has a swank church. I wonder why they had to name this one "First Baptist Church". I haven't come across any second Baptist church. Most that I come across are First Baptist churches, I wonder what the secret is.

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