July 15, 2009

A Place to Show your photos to the world

In my opinion the biggest success factor of internet is its visual appeal and worldwide reach. If internet as a media had not offered users an opportunity of free photo sharing with their family, friends and people across the world it may not have become so popular. The most popular sites on the world wide web are photo sharing websites. There are hundreds, perhaps thousands of websites which enable users to upload and share their pictures with the world. I have signed up in couple of these sites and share my pictures online with my friends and family.
I recently came across a brand new photo sharing website. Like all other image, picture and photo sharing sites this has a unique and peculiar name, Picuna. What I particularly liked about Picuna is its simplicity in design without any fancy graphics, animations or jarring colors and its offering. Users have access to unlimited photo sharing for free. These pictures can be mapped as per latitude and longitude, thus giving a geospatial appeal to your pictures.
I particularly liked the fact that one can use these pictures as postcards to create online greetings. One need not own the picture to do that. This gives me access to millions of potentially award-winning photographs. Being a avid traveler I like to look at a place before I visit and these kind of websites provides me the right opportunity to take in a location and get familiar with it before getting there.
The fact that within just a short time Picuna has become so popular is proof that this site has some great offerings, both in terms of pictures and benefits for those who register now. If you were fed up of old picture sharing websites where there are hundreds of restrictions about what you can do and what you can't, just get into Picuna and experience a world of difference.

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