June 25, 2009

Paintings and Art Works

I have always been a great fan of fine arts such as paintings, sculpture, drawing, etching, sketches, etc. I have spent hours and sometimes days in museums and art galleries admiring the creations of artists who seem to possess some special gift from the creator.

Recently I came across the works of Vladamir Kush, an artist whose career started when he was a toddler. When I saw some of his recent works exhibited at an art gallery in Los Angeles I was awe struck. The artist who started commercial painting only in 1987 has come a long way both in terms of geographically and artistically.
I simply loved his painting series Metaphorical journey of which only one has not been sold yet. Here is a picture of that fantastic painting. This is renowned as Vladimir Kush's signature series of paintings which is also the name of his book in which he writes about creation of the universe and inner workings of man.

Along with Kush's creations there are the seminal works of several other artists such as Stephanie Clair, Tim Rogerson, Elena Bond and Elaine Murphy. The creations carved a niche for themselves in my heart. I currently can't afford to own any of these fantastic pieces of art but once it becomes financially viable for me I will definitely invest in one of these works. I sure hope that it will be soon.

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