May 21, 2013

Sunset at Ray Roberts Lake, TX

On a recent visit to Lake Ray Roberts I stayed late into the evening and was bedazzled by the glorious sunset I got to witness. I spent only about 3 hours at the State Park but the experiences are worth much more. I hiked the 2.7 mile Randy Bell Scenic Trail when it was still light and was lucky to get the glimpse of few deer grazing by the trail. Then after finishing up my hike I went back to the swimming area and waded across the icy cold water for a few minutes as the day gave way to dusk and to night. As I stood there beholding the beautiful azure waters of the lake, I witnessed one of the most beautiful sunsets I have seen the past few years. Overwhelmed by the beauty of the sun which changed from golden yellow to a blazing red to a soothing orange and then into a dull brownish yellow, I almost forgot to click pictures.

The moment was tranquil, it was just me and the vast aqua forte, for a moment I was transported back to India where I would travel all alone to remote lakes, mountains and forests to enjoy the outdoors. Here I was in a pretty popular location but all alone because it was a weekday and it is still too early for people to visit state parks. Anyway for me personally it was a great moment of union with nature and as I soaked in the beauty I felt months of fatigue flowing out of my soul and new energy from the elixir of life getting imbibed. Looking forward to more such moments in the future.

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