May 6, 2013

380 Greenbelt Park - Actually Green

The 380 Greenbelt park is one of the precious green spaces in the city of Denton, TX. The park is the starting or ending point of a 10 mile trail that meanders through the Ray Robert's Lake green belt/ watershed area. Most of the trail is surrounded by trees which makes it very beautiful during the spring months. This place is thronged by everyone that loves outdoors - runners, hikers, walkers, photographers, cyclists, even kayaking and fishing enthusiasts. The elm fork of trinity river runs along the trail making it an ideal spot for Kayaking.

I was at the trail on Monday and I was able to sight a Possom, a fox probably or coyote... both the animals were so quick that they scampered into the bushes as soon as I neared their location. I will be visiting this park often and will post updates as I visit.

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