October 8, 2012

The Great American Denial!

I hate to sound like a broken gramophone stuck on the same notch but whenever I see this kind of gross ignorance, injustice, and humiliation of my people and country I go back into the same mode.

Yes I am talking about the fact that even after several hundred years Euro-Americans continue to spread the myth that the Native American Tribes are "Indians" and we the people from India are "East Indians" or "Asian Indians". I want to go up to each one of them and scream into their ears that there is only one India, and only the citizens of that country are have the right on the ethnic identity label "Indians". The rest are simply mistakes of Christopher Columbus and the rest of his ilk.

I visited Mineral Wells today and found these things highly disturbing.

They have found God but not the correct name - "Native American Creek" or "Cherokee Creek" or Choctaw Creek or Pueblo Creek or whatever....

They have made money enough to create a mega ranch... but not enough to learn who the Real "Indians" are...

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