August 15, 2012

Independence Day 2012

the "red fort", new delhi, india.
the "red fort", new delhi, india. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
In America everything revolves around career, business, and money, especially for immigrants. If you haven't made an impact on the national consciousness you are not recognized. Similarly even though nearly a million people of Indian origin live in this country, Indian festivals, holidays are barely recognized and rarely acknowledged.

Indian people are also content celebrating these festivals indoors in their homes and not as a community. When they do get together as a community it is on an American holiday or during the weekend. For instance India's independence day is on August 15. This year American Indians celebrated this event four days earlier on August 11, 2012. Why? Because it was a Saturday and was convenient for everyone to attend the event of fun, and food.

On August 15 though it was the local Pakistani-Owned radio station playing patriotic songs from Bollywood movies to entertain motorists and listeners. That brought this year's Independence Day to a grinding halt. Flags are put away inside so they can be taken out and used next year.
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