July 2, 2012

Lake Tawakoni State Park

English: Seal of the City of Dallas
English: Seal of the City of Dallas (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
Yesterday was a rare summer day when it didn't hit triple digit temperatures. So me and few friends decided to hit the outdoors and visit Lake Tawakoni State Park which is sited within a stones throw away from Dallas. Just under an hours drive is this vast aqua forte that is a pleasure to behold.

Like all other state parks Lake Tawakoni State Park also offers walking trails, boat ramp, swimming beach, hiking, woods, and picnic tables with grills. These features make it family friendly and an amazing weekend getaway throughout the year.

Of course during the ice cold winter months the attendance to the park drops a little, but the summer crowds are more than enough make up for it. Anyway Yesterday we didn't do much at the state park except for swimming in the public swimming beach. It was good to spend time out of the four walls and feel the free wind blowing around.

The Lake Tawakoni State park is also home to the world's largest spider web. We didn't visit it this time, maybe next time around.

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Photos of the 200 yard spider web found in Lak...
Photos of the 200 yard spider web found in Lake Tawakoni State Park, East Texas (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

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