July 25, 2012

Lake Grapevine - another beautiful summer getaway

Grapevine Lake
Grapevine Lake (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
Dallas is in the heart of the Prairies and Lakes region of Texas. Popularly known as the DFW Metro area (Dallas-Fort Worth) this area is replete with large lakes in almost every small town and large city. These lakes span thousands of acres of water surface and are deep enough to launch medium sized cruise boats. Then of course the waters are full of catfish, bass, and crappies which are an anglers delight. For people like me the azure waters of the lake are a delight in itself.

I simply feel happy looking at the vast expanse of aqua or wading the shallow waters near the sandy banks or swimming in the deeper parts of the safe areas. I like adventure but I am not the reckless youngster I was so I now swim in designated areas only.

One of the lakes I have visited few times in this area is the Lake Grapevine. Sited in the southern part of the metroplex this is a medium sized reservoir famous for adventure sports activities among kite boarders, stand up paddle boarders, sailors etc.
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