June 27, 2012

Wildfires Burning Across thousands of acres!

English: San Diego, CA, October 26, 2007 -- No...
English: San Diego, CA, October 26, 2007 -- Northern California fire crew works into the night clearing fire line and monitoring the back burn that was set to stop the Poomacha fire from advancing westward. Currently the fires in Southern California have burned more than 355,000 acres. Andrea Booher/FEMA (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
Wildfires have been consuming thousands of acres of forests, several thousand homes have been evacuated. This has become an annual phenomenon, unfortunately the authorities are not able to prevent the fires because most of them are not due to natural causes. I have heard many reports that most of these fires are due to arson, mischief by people who camp in the forests, etc.

I don't know what the reason for the fire is but it is time the forest protection service and fire marshals took up the task of fire prevention more seriously. The acreage burned in the fires is increasing every year, this is not good for America, not good for the world.
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