June 29, 2012

Colorado Fires are getting more and more destructive

Fires continue to burn in Colorado and latest news reveals that several hundred people are being asked not to return to their homes just yet. For others who live in the general vicinity or direction of the fire authorities are asking them to pick up their 3Ps and leave. 3Ps here means "People, Pets, Papers, etc". That is a pretty emotional thing to do, to walk away from a home where you lived all your life and created several memories of your children and family events. In order to save lives it is important that people leave and hope that the fire doesn't flatten their home and they can return once it is put out.

News articles are describing this event in complete superlative terms. I guess they have to create sensations and they said the same thing about the massive Texas fires last year. Anyway irrespective of what the media says there are real people like you and me out there who have or potentially stand to lose all that they have to this blaze.
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