May 5, 2012

The Bishops Palace Galveston

This is one of the historical buildings in the island of Galveston. The Bishop's Palace is now a museum but few hundred years ago it was the residence of the religious head - the Bishop. I wonder why a religious head needs to live in a Palace? Religious heads are supposed to have renounced everything worldly in favor of spirituality and god, I guess this particular Bishop did not believe in that concept. He had a spanking palace built out of stone and had it nicely decorated so he can live and enjoy the comforts while preaching the word of his god to the natives here. Anyway today this is a tourist attraction with a store that sells trinkets "Made in China" among other things.

Here are some pictures and look out for the long detailed post about Bishops Palace in which I am going to highlight the different architectural features of this building.

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