February 1, 2012

Waterfronts - the most beautiful places on earth!

English: Sunset over a body of water in Russia...
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Sometimes I wonder if I am a fish out of water. In the sense I feel so good while I am at a natural water body such as an ocean, lake, river, stream, or even a well. The bigger the water body the better I like it. Water is what makes up a majority portion of our bodies, same goes to the earth's surface. It is impossible to even imagine life without water.

Water is a magical potion that sustains life, provides entertainment, offers an opportunity to explore, experience, and revel in the diversity of nature. It is interesting how every single life form on this planet is dependent on water for its survival.

On the natural beauty front there is nothing in this world that can beat a large body of water, a water fall, the mighty oceans, gurgling stream or the roaring river. Water bodies can look smooth and calm or present a fierce and forceful appearance. It is beauty all over irrespective of what it looks like.
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