January 2, 2012

Fort Inglish Historical Park, Bonham, TX

I recently visited Bonham, TX. One of the attractions in the city is the recreation of the first few homes built in the city by Bailey Inglish one of the founders of Bonham who brought the first settlers to claim the homesteads in this area. Of course local people i.e. Native Americans who had lived on this land for thousands of years didn't like outsiders coming and staking claim on their lands so they offered resistance and raided these settlements often.

In a bid to protect themselves and their families the newly arrived but more powerful settlers were influenced by the Inglish to build a fort and stockade to provide a safe haven for the families of the area. This place was used until 1843 after which the native Americans were successfully wiped out by invading Europeans. Now there are no Native Americans in this area.

This museum and gift shop is the proud replication of the original fort which helped the invaders establish their reign and destroy and wipe out the Native American tribes. Looking at it from a purely tourist perspective I would say it is a good attraction for families visiting the area. Kids can play around the grounds and have a good time during the day.

Here are some pictures for you to get a feel of what American forts looked like... built of wood and mud not the rock solid forts that we see in India built around the same time or earlier.

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