December 13, 2011

Fall Colors in North Texas

Fall Colors is a beautiful phenomenon that takes place in the entire United States. It is specially beautiful in the east coast region and the northern states where the weather changes are pretty drastic. Texas also has its own share of fall colors but it is not famous for various reasons. One is that Texas has always been promoted as a flat, prairie land full of cattle ranches, cowboys, bars and barbeque places. Well actually that is quite a deceptive picture of Texas. The Lone Star State has several unique attractions such as large fresh water lakes, mountains, deserts, etc.

Anyway yesterday I visited Bonham State Park about 50 miles north of Dallas-Fort Worth Metro area. The highly wooded parkland area was truly a riot of color. Trees presented a multitude of hues from pale yellow to blazing red. Here are some pictures of the colors I saw yesterday.


magiceye said...

heart warming colours!

Arnab Maity said...

Fall has its own charm in terms of the feel and colors, thanks for sharing!

Sahasi said...

Yes they are truly heart warming colors! Nature has so much to offer to us.

@Arnab Maity
I love all the seasons because like you say there is a unique charm to each one.