December 10, 2011

Dune Bashing and Nautch Gana

Few years ago I visited United Arab Emirates for a vacation and one of the highlights of the trip was to go on a desert drive or Dune Bashing outing. We started the drive seated comfortable in air conditioned Toyota Land Cruisers. Of course we had an experienced driver controlling the steering wheel and navigating the slippery desert sands. The drive took about 4-5 hours and took us deep into the desert where there are no roads, no civilization, no signs of life, except the occasional tourist who arrives here like we did. I still have some adrenaline-pumping memories of the drive when the car was negotiating the dunes throwing up swirls of sand on both sides. Here are some pictures for you all to enjoy:
Our convoy of Land Cruisers full of tourists

Land Cruiser negotiating the dunes - a sight to watch

And of course at the end of the evening, like Arab Sheiks enjoying the beauty of dancing girls performance

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