December 29, 2011

A breath of Fresh Air in Abu Dhabi

I visited United Arab Emirates (UAE) few years ago and was awe struck by the number of green spaces there. The oil-rich nation has invested in beautifying their country by importing everything including dirt and mud and until recently even fresh drinking water was being imported. Every city has several parks and green spaces for the residents to visit and enjoy the outdoors amidst greenery and beauty of nature. The landscape of the entire country is nothing but endless expanses of desert sands in order to create better cities and invite people from across the world to come and live there the government has created these green spaces.

On the contrary in Indian cities which are blessed by nature with fertile soil and abundant water resources all the parks and gardens are being usurped by greedy real estate sharks and being converted into tall concrete high rise buildings. Of course the water resources in the form of ponds, tanks, lakes, and streams have been filled up with mud and now there are homes, offices, shops and other concrete buildings. It is rightly said, those who have the interest in having green spaces don't have the necessary environment and those who have don't have an intention to create green spaces.

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