September 23, 2011

Winter Creeping in....

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This is the best time of the year in Texas. I love this part of the year because of the salubrious weather the region enjoys. Four months a year two after winter and two before Texans enjoy the best weather of the year. The remaining time it is either too hot or too cold to enjoy the great outdoors of this vast sprawling state.

Every year winter would start with a few days of incessant rain, but this year it has not been so. We got a day's rain about 10 days ago but since then it has been dry as ever. Perhaps the drought has not yet gone out of Texas. I wonder how the actual winter would be. Will we snowed indoors like last year when black ice dominated the roadways for seven days consecutively leading to numerous crashes and accidents. Or will it be the winter as usual with one day's snow fall and very little ice formation. I sure am hoping for the latter. I don't mind the rain, in fact I'd be happy if we received more rain, which would help recharge the aquifers that got depleted during the drought, but ice... no I am better off without it.
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