September 14, 2011

Summer easing out of Texas

Northwest Crown Fire Experiment, Northwest Ter...Image via WikipediaThis year summer has been particularly worst. The Lone Star State has suffered several setbacks this summer coupled with a declining local, national and global economy. There has been a massive drought across the state with very little... practically no rain this year. Farmers were the most hit, with crop failures, death of livestock, drying up of the small ponds and creeks within their property. Even mammoth lakes such as Lewisville Lake have been denuded of a significant amount of water.

The worst thing to have happened to the state this year was the large scale bush and forest fires that consumed several thousand acres across the state. The first and largest was at the Possum Kingdom State Park where it was estimated that over 10,000 acres of forest and ranch land fell prey to the inferno. Several other smaller forest fires consumed few thousand acres more.

During the past four summers that I have been here I remember experiencing lots of rain at the time when summer gave way to fall and winter ended bringing in summer. This year unfortunately there has been no rain at all. I kinda miss the incessant showers that would cool down the area overnight. I hope rains will come back soon and the drought in Texas will come to an end.
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Saru Singhal said...

This is terrible...I hope everything gets alright soon.

Sahasi said...

I hope so too. It is indeed very bad.