August 28, 2011

Low Cost Cell Phone Service is not a dream anymore!

This is a Sponsored post written by me on behalf of Straight Talk for SocialSpark. All opinions are 100% mine.

I have a large family and I like to keep in touch with them, know what is going on in their lives. In order to achieve this I have to communicate with them either on phone, or e-mail, regular mail is simply too slow. When mobile phones came about I was really thrilled. Here is a device that I could use to talk to any of my family or friends on the go. I have been using mobile phones the past several years. Over the years the services being offered on the cell phone such as internet access, ecommerce, bill pay, photo messages, etc are amazing. Proportionately the cost of owning a phone with unlimited voice, data and text is sky high. Then came the era of contracts, if you want a cool phone you need to sign a contract with the service provider. It is like a short term marriage, if you decide to break out then you end up paying a high price for it, totally unfair.

When I heard about Straight Talk mobile service which offers everything you need  for half the price that most phone companies offer, I was surprised and suspiscious too. I wanted to know more and decided to read up on Straight Talk. While I was researching about the services and plans, my mom came to me with a suggestion that we all switch our cell phone service to Straight Talk. Now I am convinced because when it comes to saving money on phone bills mom knows best and there is no doubt about it. I also found a number of customer testimonials on the web all extolling Straight Talk service.

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The plan I like the best in Straight Talk is the Unlimited Monthly Service which costs only $45 and provides calls, text, picture messaging and web. This is less than half of what contract phones charge for the same service. I will definitely get richer after I switch to Straight Talk because this saves me so much money. Morevoer I like the fact that there are no activation, reactivation and termination fees here and all 411 calls are also free.

Straight Talk also offers feature-rich reconditioned phones starting from $10. These phones come with an array of features such as mp3 player, mobile web access, blue tooth, camera, etc. There area number of smart phone options also available with Straight Talk. It is amazing now I call a friend and talk for hours without worrying about exceeding the minutes on the contract, for there isn't one.

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