June 11, 2011

Eisenhower State Park Hiking Trail

I am continuing to post pictures of our recent trip to the sprawling greenwoods of Eisenhower State Park. Sited on the banks of Lake Texoma, the park is known for its easy access to the vast and deep waters and of course the fantastic hiking, biking and outdoor activity options here. We decided to walk along the 3.5 mile wooded hiking trail and see if we could catch some of the panoramic green views of the park or catch a glimpse of any wildlife. We managed to walk about half of the trail, but did not see any wildlife. It was a day well spent amidst nature, though it was a bit too hot.

Pollution and Polluters are ubiquitous in whichever nature spot I have been to... be it in India or in the US

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Brooke said...

Hi. Just stumbled on your blog. In Texas, especially in the summer you wont see wildlife during the day. It is just to hot. They all find a hole or some place cool to hold up in till the heat of the day goes away.